Peter Coyle and Jacob Steen discuss the land use, government relations and regulatory environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. They share examples of how Larkin Hoffman has been able to assist clients in overcoming the unique challenges presented by a statewide stay-at-home order and discuss the ways that the global pandemic has shaped the local land

Like many states, Minnesota has an automatic approval statute, or “shot clock,” to protect applicants for zoning and land use applications.  Minnesota Statutes section 15.99 requires that local land use authorities must act within 60 days of receiving a completed zoning application.  If the government fails to act within that time frame, the application is

In August 2019, the Minneapolis City Council adopted an ordinance banning new drive-through windows in the city. With the adoption of the new Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan, beginning in January of 2020, all gas stations will soon be prohibited, as well. These policy changes are part of the City’s aggressive goal of reducing greenhouse gas