In Minnesota, as in other states and with the federal government, employers who wrongly classify workers as independent contractors are subject to significant penalties, interest, and taxes. The 2024 legislature enacted a number of changes to the various statutes that discuss the classification of workers as independent contractors.

All Industries (Except Construction)

Outside of the

On May 24, 2024, Governor Walz signed the recently passed Minnesota Consumer Data Privacy Act (“MCDPA” or “the Act”), making Minnesota the nineteenth state to enact a comprehensive data privacy law.  The MCDPA, effective July 31, 2025, provides robust protections for Minnesota consumers regarding the use and misuse of their personal data, while imposing new

This is the sixth and final post in a series of blog posts on the topic of commercial leasing during these uncertain times. Throughout the summer this series has explored a number of commercial leasing related questions raised by both commercial landlords and commercial tenants.

Even before 2020, the world of commercial real estate was

Introducing our new CapWatch podcast series which is an extension of the Larkin Hoffman Podcast Briefing series. In this series, we discuss the end of Minnesota’s 2020 legislative session and the special session in June. The CapWatch podcasts cover the political dynamics at the Minnesota Capitol and give an overview of the policy and spending

For more than 30 years, a property owner who claimed that a regulatory action by the government amounted to a compensable taking under the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been required to litigate the issue in state court first, before being allowed to gain entry to federal court. The 1985 case of Williamson