In this episode of The Larkin Hoffman Real Estate Podcast, Megan Rogers shares her experience sitting down with ⁠Ra’eesa Motala⁠, Vice President of Rokos Advisors, at a special event honoring the women who are breaking down barriers in the traditionally male-dominated field of commercial real estate.  

Megan had the opportunity to engage in a fireside chat with Ra’eesa, who was the keynote honoree at the annual Bisnow’s Minneapolis Women Leading Real Estate event. Ra’eesa discussed her journey in the real estate brokerage industry and emphasized the invaluable support she received from mentors along the way. She encouraged other women aspiring to build their careers in commercial real estate to seek out strong mentors and embrace the community of women in the field who are ready to assist and uplift each other.

Ra’eesa dedicates a significant amount of her time to volunteering. She serves as a Co-Chair of the Real Estate Diversity Initiative (REDI) program, which focuses on empowering Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) professionals and women in various real estate sectors through a 12-part curriculum and cohort experience.  Additionally, Ra’eesa mentors young women who have experienced harassment and sexual assault in the workplace, helping them navigate towards safer environments.

During the event, Ra’eesa also highlighted the impact of her greatest mentor, Helen Brooks, a trailblazer in commercial real estate. Helen was the sole woman involved in the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors during the 1960s and 1970s, and she paved the way for other women in the industry.

The conversation concluded and the event moved to recognize a group of local women trailblazers in commercial real estate. The 12 women recognized were Ra’eesa Motala, Kara Frank (Owner, Twin Realty Investment Co), Anne Olson (COO, Centerspace Homes), Jaclyn May, (Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield), Sheri Brezinka (Regional Director, U.S. Green Building Council),  Angela Ledding (Head of Underwriting, PACE Loan Group), Sonja Dusil (Senior Vice President Commercial Development, United Properties), Shannon Rusk (SVP, Development, Oppidan), Emily Nicoll (SVP, CBRE), Jessica Welk (General Counsel, Schafer Richardson), Amanda Leathers (Investment Sales Associate, Upland), and Maureen Michallski (Vice President of Real Estate Development, Ryan Companies).


Megan Rogers advises and represents businesses, developers, and property owners seeking favorable government approvals including licensing, zoning, and other regulatory matters. She also provides guidance on bond financing for multifamily projects and real estate transactions including residential and commercial sales and leases, easement agreements, title registrations, and lot splits. Megan advises clients and industry groups seeking favorable determinations from state agencies and licensing boards.

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